There are a lot of new things happening in Legacy Ville! 

What is happening exactly? Well, a whole bunch of new plugins and gameplay changes!

New things: 

• Slime Fun:

Slimefun is a very large plugin that will be adding hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of new items to craft and have fun with.

It's as easy as using the command /slimefun (or /sf) to get started!

• Daily and Weekly Loot - New Key Crates:

Being on the server should be rewarding, so you're getting rewarded! Every day you will be able to loot a new type of chest that will give you new cool stuff, with the chance of getting a new crate key. These new crates will have our upcoming custom items and other fun stuff in them! 

• Custom Items and Mob Drops:

For the next couple of weeks, the staff team will be dreaming up as many custom items as they possibly can! You will be able to get these items through key crates, daily/weekly loot chests, and mob drops!

That's right! We're going to have custom mob drops!

Along with these new gameplay features, the team will be working on balancing McMMO, Jobs and the economy! We always want the gameplay to be challenging and rewarding.

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