The website is UP!

[Owner] Cboxhero posted Jul 29, 16  -  completecraftfinallyhiddenlegacymineminecraftserverupwebsite

Hidden Legacy's website is finally up! I figured a minecraft server wasn't really complete without it's own website and forums, so I developed both along side eachother. There is a lot to both sides, so lets see what we have in store!

The Website:

  • Forums
    • Lots of places to post there as well!
  • Donation Store
  • IRC chat
  • Lots of server intergration.
  • Looks sexy af.

The Server:

  • Towny implemented.
  • /Vote integration.
  • container locks
  • Spawn is getting there
  • Logo/Icon looks sweeeeet

There is still a LOT to do before it's all reeeaaally ready, so lets see what we have in that category. (This is mostly just for myself.)

To-Do List: 

  • Add more sites to vote for
  • Add McMMO
  • Set spawn up with some holographic labels
  • Finish off the spawn building
  • implement a portal plugin (and a random one)
  • more donation tiers
  • Fix the permissions before anyone gets onto the server.

Well, that about wraps that up. If you're reading this, I very much thank you, and hope to see you in the server soon. :D

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