There are a lot of new things happening in Legacy Ville! 

What is happening exactly? Well, a whole bunch of new plugins and gameplay changes!

New things: 

• Slime Fun:

Slimefun is a very large plugin that will be adding hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS of new items to craft and have fun with.

It's as easy as using the command /slimefun (or /sf) to get started!

• Daily and Weekly Loot - New Key Crates:

Being on the server should be rewarding, so you're getting rewarded! Every day you will be able to loot a new type of chest that will give you new cool stuff, with the chance of getting a new crate key. These new crates will have our upcoming custom items and other fun stuff in them! 

• Custom Items and Mob Drops:

For the next couple of weeks, the staff team will be dreaming up as many custom items as they possibly can! You will be able to get these items through key crates, daily/weekly loot chests, and mob drops!

That's right! We're going to have custom mob drops!

Along with these new gameplay features, the team will be working on balancing McMMO, Jobs and the economy! We always want the gameplay to be challenging and rewarding.

First off I'd like to say if you're new here, WELCOME TO HIDDEN LEGACY! It's amazing to have new people around. Feel free to poke around the forums and post there yourself. :)

OH BOY! Things have really been moving for the Hidden Legacy, and a LOT has changed!

I first want to just thank each and every person that has either played on the server, or helped make it a better place. The community has been amazing, and have helped me more than I could have ever imagined. The support from everyone has also been overwhelmingly positive, which is more than I expected, to be completely honest.

An insane amount of things have changed and been added, so lets go through the list!

  • Decided to stick with 5 sites to vote on. It's been giving the best results, and anything more would be absolute overkill.
  • Added McMMO and tweaked the poopy out of it!
  • Added Jobs and AutoRank
  • A LOT has been done to the spawn and we now have a pretty set in theme with it all.
  • Several donation ranks and other things have been added to the shop. It's looking pretty good over there, to be honest.
  • Permissions have been fleshed out and are managed pretty well
  • More items in the shop, and some prices have shifted, based on data collected.
  • Added random teleport over portals. Allows for less clutter and more options to customise.
  • TREASURE CHESTS! There is a treasure chest somewhere in the world, but you gotta find it! The location will change every week.
  • 1 in 15 chance of getting a treasure key from voting
  • Disguises for PRO rank and up!
  • Double jumping for MVP rank and up!
  • CoreProtect to make sure all griefing can be undone!
  • You can buy spawners!
  • Death Chests so no items get destroyed when the server cleans up the lag

Daaaaang! That's a lot of stuff, if you read through all of it, good for you! I'm sure I missed a few things, but oh well. Stay tuned for more the next update! I'm sure it won't be this big, but who knows.

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